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Virtual Volunteering at RAINN


In 2020, volunteers contributed nearly 40% of the total hours spent supporting survivors and their loved ones on the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

About the NSAH Volunteer Program:

The National Sexual Assault Hotline (NSAH), operated by RAINN, provides live, secure, anonymous crisis support to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. Our services are delivered through a simple instant message format so they are accessible to the growing number of people who prefer communicating online.

NSAH volunteers are a critical part of the RAINN team that is responsible for providing high-quality services to users of the NSAH. Volunteers receive extensive and ongoing crisis-intervention training to equip them to provide services on the hotline as well as professional development and coaching opportunities.

About the volunteer role:

RAINN hotline volunteers are asked to complete regular set-shifts, meaning that each volunteer has a uniform monthly schedule throughout the duration of their voluntarism.

For example, a regular set-shift could look like the following: "Every other Tuesday from 6 pm-11 pm EST." Set-shifts are a way to ensure the hotline is staffed to serve the highest number of visitors possible and are essential to the most robust operation of the NSAH.

Set shifts also allow for volunteers to plan ahead and incorporate their volunteer time into their own schedules.

A range of shift times and days will become available, and these are determined based on the needs of the hotline to ensure survivors receive the support they need.

Available shifts will be communicated when applications are open in 2022.

Benefits of volunteering with RAINN:

Volunteer Application Requirements:

Volunteer Qualifications:

NSAH Volunteer Testimonial

“As a volunteer, I have felt emboldened and empowered by fellow volunteers through our monthly in-services and informal mentoring. RAINN supervisors have been inspirations, bringing expertise and excellence to the online hotline. With RAINN, we are never alone: we are unified to heal our world together, one person at a time.”
- Kafka, 8 years on the hotline

Additional questions? Contact the volunteer management team at

Volunteer in Your Community

Local sexual assault service providers answer calls placed to the National Sexual Assault Hotline 24/7 and offer critical support to survivors, their loved ones, and their communities. These local providers often look for volunteer staff to perform various functions, from administrative support to community service organizing to answering hotline calls. Search for opportunities in your area.

Please DO NOT email or call RAINN or its representatives about volunteer opportunities or training classes. This webpage is regularly updated to include the latest information.